Thursday, March 19, 2009


Greetings cyberspace.

I'm pretty sure no one will be reading this any time soon, but alas, I'm using it more like a journal anyway (for now..).

I've been listening to some Demetri Martin. That man is funny! Speaking of funny, I'm enjoying recent comedies, especially from Judd Apatow and any of the actors and writers who have worked with him (or worked with those actors). If you haven't seen "Role Models" yet (not an Apatow film, but ok) I suggest you stop reading this and rent it. Or buy it. It's epic. "Superbad" is pretty much one of my favourite comedies, too. Christopher Mintz-Plasse is a completely newbie to the movie scene, but he's already a legend. "McLovin'" landed him his legendary status. I think we all want to have that nickname. As Michael Cera's character in "Superbad" said, "McLovin'" sounds like an Irish R&B singer's name. Clearly, Ireland is full of R&B singers. Nothing like Vanilla soul.

Now, I'm not completely won over by all of the Superbad-esque, slap-stick, in-your-face-rude and crude movies. Some are just over the top and not my taste. YOU might be into them, but that's the beauty of comedies, ain't it? Different strokes for different folks.

Ok. No more lame clich├ęs. Sorry: that one even scared me.

I have not watched "Dark Knight" in a long time. This makes me sad.

Moving along.

Yes, I watch American Idol once in a while. I'm a patriot, adore Canada, no doot aboot it, eh, yadda yadda yadda, but Canadian Idol just doesn't cut it for me. There is always something sinfully and disgracefully entertaining or stimulating about most episodes of American Idol. The judges can be quite infuriating *cough Simon cough*, ridiculous *cough Paula cough*, but Randy and Kara are doing ok. The contestants, on the other hand, make or break the entertaining part of the show. This year, they've got QUITE a rainbow of talent and styles. Adam Lambert is clearly the most talented and/or well-rounded. He's smart, too, because damn that boy has audiences (and Paula) wrapped around his finger. I'll give some kudos to Paula for recognizing his talent, but she's a bit too flightly for my liking. Simon's just a douchebag most of the time, and called Adam's latest performance "indulgent rubbish," to my horror. Adam did what he was supposed to do: he took a song and made it his own.

Adam's not a country singer (thank the Lord), but country was the theme of the night. Instead of watering himself down and changing his style to "fit" the country genre, Adam, in all of his black nail-polish wearing glory, took a Johnny Cash classic and glam-rocked it. Yeah!

Aside from Adam, there are some other...talented...people on the show. Honest and full props to Scott MacIntyre, who has a beautiful voice, and can play the proverbial pants off of the piano. Oh: did I mention he's blind? Geez. I can see and don't play nearly as well as him. Or sing as well, for that matter. A few of the girls aren't too bad: the two blondes are different. They're not great singers or performers, but they're both strong women who try damn hard and are gorgeous. I'll leave them alone. The other guys have their moments, but just sadly pale in comparison to Adam's ability to make the stage his b****.

*Aggravated sigh*... Enter Lil Rounds, though. And that guy who's name I don't remember but who seems to think he's hot and adorable because he can play the acoustic guitar and looks like he walked out of an American Eagle ad. Not that these two (and a couple of the others who annoy me) aren't talented, per se, they're just such....dimes. There are clones upon clones of them in the industry, and I'm not sure they deserve to be given "the" production opportunity. I'm not the one to decide that honour, though.

Here's what is plaguing my brain about AI (AI? Artificial Intelligence? American Idol? Resemblance? I digress...): Adam "should" win because he's hella talented, or Scott, but what is AI all about? Looking back at past winners, only a couple original singers have made it far. Sadly, even David Cook has vaporized. I had high hopes for that guy. I hope he makes a "comeback." Even though he just won last year. Ouch. The others have come and gone, and we've all forgotten their names. Adam will always be remembered IF he: wins and gets to keep his original edge on his music, or if he does NOT win, and moves onto his own career as an original artist. He will be forgotten, though, if he wins and is "forced" (I use that term lightly) to produce fluffy ear-poison that dominates the music biz these days. He better not become another snuffed out star with boundless potential only to be silenced by red tape and ignorant producers. *shudder*

So, should he win? If AI is about sugar-pop conformity, then no. I don't want Adam to fade. He should make it to the top two, then the crown should go to someone else who can face the "conform or reform" dilemma. I wouldn't wish the conformity curse on Scott, either. I hope he can find some edge soon, too. He's very talented but is only slightly lacking in the "wowza!" factor. Lil Rounds sounds like a wannabe [enter R&B singers' names here]. She's really not amazing. She's ok, but that's it. The judges have praised her--actually praised her--vocal abilities, and that makes me feel like my brain is being ripped out, stomped on, then shoved back into my head.

I need some more comedy.

By the way, I realize that Adam is likely gay, but I swear, if he ever asked me out on a date, I would say yes in a flash. Rock and Roll, baby. I'm letting him wrap me around his long as he remains Adam Lambert and not an AI machine. I wish I had that kind of power!

I love to sing, and have recently become secretly (or not so secretly) addicte to karaoke. It would be epic and exhilerating to command a stage like Adam does. I mean, I've got similar hair to him, a mischievous nature...I guess I just need that thing called vocal talent. *chuckle*. I'm ok, but that's where the bar stops. OK-ness doesn't cut it for finger-wrapping abilities. *le sigh*

Back to comedy. That was depressing.

Someone at Rogers recommended "The Ten" after he saw me pick up "Role Models." Bleh, is all I have to say about that movie. It has a couple decent moments, but it's too ridiculous. Movies like "Superbad" and "Role Models" are "escape-to" movies where you love to get lost in the laughs. "The Ten" is more an "escape-from" movie for me. Not ideal. I didn't finish it, even though I got to near the end. Again, it's probably just a personal taste thang, but it's not tasting so good to me.

Don't you hate it when reality slaps you in the face? Even if the reality tidbit is "good," you still just forgot that it is impending, and you need to prepare for it...My interview for Social Work is tomorrow night. My jaw just clenched tighter. Ouch. I need some decompression time. I just hope my excitement UFC's my nervousness' ass.

Well, time for me to get back to my current reality, and not to tomorrow's--or even tonight's. I'll be spending the evening with my big sister, Spirit of the West, and Great Big Sea, so I really can't complain.

May the Force be with you...and check out Role Models.

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