Sunday, March 22, 2009

On the Ears of a Ghost

I thought I should tell you
your lips were sincere
but your tongue betrayed
the myth of innocence
I heldYour body
to mine-
I thought I should tell you
you felt good;
In the least I hoped
you would
as I kissed my way
down from our lips
curling toes
I thought I should tell you
iIt's not ok-
Not [never]
just now
the promise I made
to myself
to guard
the whimsical purity
you whisked
and skimmed me off
my cliché feet
the multi-task-
kiss, touch, grind,
taste [blah blah blah]
to skim, scam,
leave me to[o]
with my golden Key-
with trouble-
then sleeping-
dreaming of the road,
the tire tracks,
stains from lips,
the imprints from a ghost
I thought I should tell you
it hurts, but I knew
I figured-and pushed-
I thought I should

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