Sunday, March 22, 2009


Catching my eye-
the Black Widow scene
my arms spread wide, pressed to the sill
how long I stooped, remains unsolved
the web of crimson ensnared my vision
weaving tighter, asphyxiating reason
a crux of monstrous proportion;
unable to tear away from window pane, to pane
while gooseflesh burst every pore of my being-
a horrified fascination, as you performed your Skill
your tools of artistry glistened 'neath the Orb;
with every glint a shudder ensued
you became an alchemist, turning blood to ice
I witnessed the frame as you shattered its contents,
peeling layers away with blades of damnation
my heart burned-
Consuming, you devoured my reason
any sanity remaining, defamed whilst bystanding
peeling and peeling, ripping, and desecrating-
exposing vulnerability with brutal performance flair
screams and blood strangled my abilities-
a vegetative state invaded my reality-
staring, staring, the layers still peeling,
until crimson pools licked the Earth-
forever tainted, my transparent skin and fading resolve,
no morals existed evermore-
just Crimson, crimson, the fire of Blasphemy,
your Talents reigned over molecules of innocence-
a broken visage lay in crumbles on the floor
such sympathy, piteous sentiment, reverberated throughout-
disappearing flesh-
the harsh realization of ravaged dimensions,
whisked away my corporeal illusion-
until the collision of your web to my victim
exploded Heaven's chance of accepting-
no soul still lingers just damaged tissue,
disintegrated skeleton-
I became the picture as the frame reassembled,
posted on your wall
of your finest accomplishments.

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