Sunday, March 22, 2009

Silver Lining--poem

I see the clouds rolling in
no silver lining gracing their presence
you're standing alone, sobbing in a field
no bed of roses to comfort your frame
you start to sway
a delicate flower fading amidst wintry winds
how beautiful a soul
you possess such gifts
an inspirationto ferns and green
the colour amongst darkness
what pain is seething here
my heart dies a little watching from afar
I find my arms reaching
wanting to keep you safe
as my heart keeps beating despite the blood
flowing out of it
creating the flowerbed to cushion your slumber
an invisible wall keeps me from you
just a few more steps...
but alas-
only an angel with wings so pure
softer than these Mortal arms
can protect your heart
I can only do so much
but what I can please let me
then I'll plead to the heavens
to send the angel and from my heart
will only bleed a silver lining
and keep you safe
in the warmth
of the new Sun

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