Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Internet Debate and the Tragedy of its Misuse

I wish they had more time to debate this out. I like what she has to say. Bullying should never be used lightly, but I think the man was getting confused with his side of the "argument(?)." This is a very sticky issue in terms of what "jargon" to label the act that the two sorry-excuses-for-human-beings did. Was it a hate crime? Was it bullying? Was it simple "meanness?"

What can you contribute from the law sector? The social work sector? Religious? Cultural? Anything.

I'd like to open this discussion to those who will participate.

My friend told me about this case and said I'd probably want to blog about it. He was most right. The inception of internet ... "violence" ... and misuse for purposes of humiliation and defamation has developed into a full-blown path of destruction that is exceeding our capacity to contain it any time soon. Here I am, using the internet to share with you my thoughts and request your input.

My questions to you:
1) What do YOU think will come of this case, should come of this case, or should have come of this case in regard to the legal and social jargon applied to it and the sanctions for the two students' behaviour?
2) How can we contain such horrible acts from coming to fruition in the future?
3) Feel free to comment on videos like this: and the "It Gets Better" campaign out there

My last question:
4) Why the hell do these types of things keep happening--in fact, why are they happening even more now? Like they say in the CNN video, too, it shouldn't matter who was in with Tyler...his privacy was invaded, he was humiliated. But, the tragic reality is that if it had been a heterosexual encounter you can bet that no videos would have been leaked in the name of trying to ruin and humiliate a boy who just wanted to have some privacy to do something he has EVERY RIGHT to do.