Wednesday, August 13, 2014

cognitive dissonance - poem

sometimes I'm awesome, sometimes I'm not
sometime's I'm an ice queen, sometimes I'm hot
sometimes I appreciate some space and some quiet,
whereas other times I want to throw an effing riot

sometimes I think I should just stop my musing
because poetic artistic crap can be really confusing.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Autumn - poem

I could feel your breath
haunting my skin
how daring of you to emerge today,
in light that soothes and tells me stories of days that will trump the night and all of its

sweet darkness--I remember, how it waned and flickered to the moonlight and seduced you and I into its paradoxical
lively death
killing the light seemingly on the surface then waiting as I  mourned the extinction of all warmth inside, forgetting what it's like
to feel the sunlight I stole from yesterday

arrested in the future for my past's missteps in dancing with you

you, who flashed your colours across every damn piece of my world's canvas, promising beauty and love and warmth and reflected light from all of your surfaces
but you rusted and shriveled up
you misstepped
allowing the icy blankets to take over and wipe out everything I held dear just moments before in the sun

Night paled in comparison to the work you did yourself and claimed all the glory in my dedication to your illusion of change

I fought you
I stepped aside
I denied the darkness its pull and pushed so Light could take over, even in the Moon's dominion

it was beautiful
I felt beautiful
I felt free
free to forget to feel
something until something emptied into seconds ticking away

until you became mass enough to touch me and push back the decay, the change, the colours that warn of the impending frigid void

I could feel your breath today
reminding me of whose music moves me
blindly through the days into nights and tomorrows
breathing you in
but how do I stop my feet and hold my breath for too long without stumbling
how do I stand still, with your seductive destructive promises of feeling beauty in dying green, watching as fire and rust and illusory lovely landscapes distract me, dizzying me until you win, able to stop the music

until you sigh

and wait for me to Fall

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Using the Sleek Lagoon palette, I created this colourful, "under the sea" type of look :).

-Nars Smudgeproof primer
From the Sleek Lagoon palette:
-Night sky (outer 1/3 of lid)
-Deep water (crease, and to blend Night Sky into lid)
-Underworld (middle of lid)
-Ariel (first 1/3 of lid)
-Sand dollar (inner corner of eye, to blend Ariel a bit)
-Reflection (over crease lightly)
-Emerald on lower lashline
-Sand dollar on lower lashline
-MAC Powerpoint pencil (black) on upper lashline and lower waterline
-MAC Extendlash mascara
-MAC Blanc Type and Golden Flurry for brown bone/blending any harsh lines

-MAC N5 Studio Fix Powder + Foundation
-MAC Harmony to contour
-MAC Springsheen for blush
-MAC light mineral skinfinish for highlight

-MAC Cherish
-MAC Creme d'Nude overtop (to warm and lighten a bit)

I'm well into my day now, so please don't mind the slight oiliness happening up in here! lol

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Interrogation - poem

What if I'm standing at the edge of the world
would anyone really care, or go about life saying
"there she goes again"

There I go, saying "what if," my trusty catch-phrase of temporary amnesia
of the faith I claim to carry close to my
murmuring heart

Who wants to read, consume, reorganize these words into some
of what they think it means to them?

Does it matter what it means to me? Does this typing, thinking, feeling, seething mass of grey matter-driven flesh mean something profound,
or is this simply posturing in the pseudo-poetic universe?

What if this is all I have left

Does grey turn to nothing when drained of purpose?

If not one more drop of creativity trickles onto the pages of my e-canvas, then
what point remains in neurons zapping each other anymore?
If my words are silenced, when attempting to describe the wounds inflicted on my
psyche and soul,
what point remains in speaking?

When would it be noted that I no longer say anything of value,
or worse,

when no words come at all?

How will someone know when my thoughts simply sublimate instead of pouring out of these tired lips, and

why not even sparks light the way throughout my brain?

What if I'm standing with the world in my fingertips, ready to drop it, along with the purposeful words tomorrow could bring?

There I go again.

composition - poem

rising to the brim--maybe it's there already,
sloshing back and forth from the edge
waiting, craving release but uncertain of how,
from amnesia of overwhelm, forgotten faculties,
forgotten its form and purpose to flow when frozen in
or moment, or then, here, tomorrow,

unable to recall knowing
how to fall
into acceptance of its composition, its liquid state of alkaline truth
instead, it yearns to burst through and over--
instead, it bubbles, and threatens sublimation

how can it create,
when, unwilling to ebb through
the darkness of resolve, it

destroys, waiting, blinded by white denial,
killing tomorrow's birth with its poison

decaying the prism of choices--
left only with sobering decisive



too late and yet

it discovers fiction in the story of inability to make something out of its nothingness, the fiction of its vaporous state as it was but a dream, provoked by yesterday's chemical lies,

the belated truth that its substance has been fluid all along

Seesick - poem

it's coming, swelling, vertigo dancing behind my eyes
tossing my head, rocking my brain until I'm
to stand, to breathe, to be
here at the eye
of the thoughts ebbing to and from my memory, playing out in percussion
against my weary heart,
knocking my rubber legs and stirring my caustic core

shipwrecked limbs, memories, faith, floating on the residue
of today's fears
awoken by the beats, the pounding, terrible music
of the minutes ticking by at tempos too quick for
still water to remain its true self

this is a mashup:
a decrepit concoction of confused imagery
and imaginings
from a place that brews a poisonous elixir,
enticing my ego to jump in--
to see blue when the world is painted gray, black, puce, and pain

can't I smell the noxious gas? the deadly suffocation,
threatening to end it all
promising to stop it

giving into dizzying visions
of what was, is, and may never be
but can never happen
or else I'll take it up, I'll shake hands and that will be
the final note, the bridge to no more minutes--
just weightless, poison-less, fearless floating
into the tomorrow I always wanted
but never knew
could be

Friday, April 11, 2014

LOTD Happy Friday peeps!

For today's look, I went off of a look inspired by the lovely Zabrena on
Her post is based on MAC's Aquadisiac, but I don't have that eyeshadow nor some others she used, so I duped with what I had.  Instead, I used Sleek's Lagoon palette and some other eyeshadows I have kicking around.

Enjoy :)

-MAC Lucky Green on inner 1/3 of lid and lower lashline
-Sleek Sassea on outer 2/3 of lid and lower lashline
-Sleek Ariel on crease
-UD Naked to blend Ariel into crease
-MAC Mylar on browbone/blend
-Sleek Sand Dollar on inner corner of eye (top and bottom)
-Cargo black eyeliner
-MAC Extendlash mascara

-MAC Harmony blush (contour)
-MAC Springsheen blush
-MAC Mineralize light powder for highlight
-MAC N5 Studio Fix powder/foundation

-MAC Creme d'Nude
-MAC Ravishing over that

Monday, March 10, 2014

FOTD Monday

Good morning everyone.

Happy  Monday (is there a such thing? why yes! there can be :) ! )

Here's my face of the day (FOTD)

I used...

-MAC Patina (crease)
-MAC carbon (outer v, WELL blended)
-MAC Copperplate (over the outer third of eye)
-MAC Patina (first third of eye)
-MAC Blanc Type (brown bone/blend)
-MAC Copperplate (last third lower lash line)
-MAC Patina (first two thirds of lower lash line)
-Cargo black eyeliner (top lashline and lower waterline)

-MAC Harmony (contour)
-MAC Blushbaby (blush)

-MAC Viva Glam V lipstick

Have a great day :)!

Saturday, March 08, 2014

EOTD Saturday!!

Happy Saturday, friends!

I was working all day, and am shocked that my eye makeup lasted all day! (Thank you, Urban Decay shadows and Nars primer!)  I got compliments on my eye makeup from a few interesting sources today: 2 MAC artists, a lovely friend of mine and her friend!  So, I thought I'd share.

Before I do, I'd like to give a huge nod to Zabrena from for the inspiration for this look.  She is a gorgeous, kind, innovative, and brilliant woman with a fantastic website for women to get the most out of their makeup collection.  The video I took inspiration from is as follows:

I used the Urban Decay Naked palette for this look :)  :
-UD Naked on the crease
-UD Darkhorse on the outer v and last third of lid
-UD Buck on the middle third
-UD Half Baked on the first third
-Blended UD Virgin on the brow bone, into the crease
-UD Smog over the middle part of the lid to blend Half Baked into Darkhorse
-UD Darkhorse on outer third of lower lashline
-UD Half Baked on first 2 thirds of lower lashline
-Cargo black eyeliner
-MAC Extendlash mascara

have a great evening!!

Friday, March 07, 2014

EOTD :) Happy Friday!

Not as happy with today’s eye look, but the idea is what I like lol.
I used:
-MAC Patina (crease)
-Bodyshop Sugar Gaze (inner third of lid)
-Bodyshop Steel My Heart (outer third/outer v)
-MAC Copperplate (middle third of lid)
-MAC Blanc Type (brow/blend)
Then I went in with Patina on the middle of my lid to warm it up a bit. The Bodyshop shadows are powdery and really don’t blend as well as I’d like. So, again, I’m not thrilled with the look, but it’s OK :) .
On my cheeks:
-Patina to contour (weird, I know, but it sort of worked)
-MAC Warm Soul (blush)
-MAC Mellowarm (LE) (Frost) –> this is from the Fabulously Festive (Warm) kit a few years back. This lipstick is lovely, and reads more Cremesheen on me than Frost. It’s a bit warm for my liking, but it works with my clothes today.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend :)

Thursday, March 06, 2014


(EOTD stands for Eye of the Day, by the way :))

I used:
-MAC Soft Brown (crease)
-MAC Golden Flurry (LE) (blend/brow)
-MAC Deep Truth (outer v/outer third of lid)
-MAC Gorgeous Gold (inner third of lid)
-MAC Tilt (blend Deep Truth to middle third of lid)
-MAC Juxt (middle of lid, blended into Gorgeous Gold and Deep Truth)
-UD Naked (over the crease at the end to blend, soften)


-MAC Seasonal Appeal blush (LE)

-MAC Ravishing (cremesheen)

Enjoy :)