Saturday, March 08, 2014

EOTD Saturday!!

Happy Saturday, friends!

I was working all day, and am shocked that my eye makeup lasted all day! (Thank you, Urban Decay shadows and Nars primer!)  I got compliments on my eye makeup from a few interesting sources today: 2 MAC artists, a lovely friend of mine and her friend!  So, I thought I'd share.

Before I do, I'd like to give a huge nod to Zabrena from for the inspiration for this look.  She is a gorgeous, kind, innovative, and brilliant woman with a fantastic website for women to get the most out of their makeup collection.  The video I took inspiration from is as follows:

I used the Urban Decay Naked palette for this look :)  :
-UD Naked on the crease
-UD Darkhorse on the outer v and last third of lid
-UD Buck on the middle third
-UD Half Baked on the first third
-Blended UD Virgin on the brow bone, into the crease
-UD Smog over the middle part of the lid to blend Half Baked into Darkhorse
-UD Darkhorse on outer third of lower lashline
-UD Half Baked on first 2 thirds of lower lashline
-Cargo black eyeliner
-MAC Extendlash mascara

have a great evening!!

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