Thursday, April 18, 2013


relentless: she's a hurricane
certain she doesn't know,
though certainty does little when chaos blots out reason

in the center she's a sage,
but when she spins the rage destroys

left in the trail, trailing behind 
stomp in the puddles, splash in the mud
delight in the mess one day, 
another drown
silver linings on zero clouds--just the white, fluffy, distant stuff

(sometimes grey)
(then again, usually grey)
(and white is just grey's dream for betterment)

losing the sun, forgetting its warmth, forgotten light in this labyrinth of dust
settling dirt into pores of tired skin, weathered hands, and leaden legs

disjointed thoughts trickling from the eye of rationality
connecting the dots of hail pouring from tear-tired eyes
racing through ash, apathy begging to conquer
resentment's hold on the flailing statue,
bending to the wind,
crumbling in the dark,

crumbled already--
scattered particles
lying comfortably on the aftermath, on yesterday's grave
too weary to fathom "tomorrow",
afraid to go to sleep

Sunday, April 07, 2013

sublimation -- poem

rising to the brim--maybe it's there already,
sloshing back and forth from the edge
waiting, craving release but uncertain of how,
from amnesia of overwhelm, forgotten faculties,
forgotten its form and purpose to flow when frozen in
or moment, or then, here, tomorrow,

unable to recall knowing
how to fall
down into acceptance of its composition, its liquid state of acidic truth
instead, it yearns to burst through and over--
instead, it bubbles, and threatens to burn

how can it calm, strengthen, create
when unwilling to slip into
the darkness of resolve?

frozen, sitting blinded by white denial,
blotting out creation's brilliance

erasing the prism of choices--
left with sobering decisive



broken and yet

it discovers fiction in the story of inability to make something out of its nothingness, the fiction of its vaporous state as it was provoked by when its substance has been fluid all along

Friday, April 05, 2013

RIP, Ebert!

Here's a nod to for Kate Dries' exposé on Ebert's best reviews. Happy reading: