Monday, January 09, 2012

The Road to Heaven - poem

At a crossroads with so many paths to choose,
I’m run under where I stand

But wasn’t it Sam who said, it’s not the road to Heaven
that’s paved with good intent?
and yet

I intend to love this Gift
I’m all too blessed to accept
and all too inspired to resist

Still run under where I stand

There’s beauty in standing
even if only to stand for the breath intended
to pass through these lips

Running created the chaos necessary
to test my intention to stand with what
inspired me to search for Heaven
through the path I still need to choose

My legs have lost the will to run
where I stand

My lungs have tired but aspired to learning
how to get to Heaven while standing
with what I’ve been given

Through inhales and exhales and heartbeat percussions
playing out the symphony of Above and Below,
the fork vanishes, transforms
into a response, revealing why
I’ve been running

‘til now

Until I awoke from the dreams of confusion
to the sound reality that
Heaven is in the Gift,
and the Gift is the proof
that Breath exists
to keep us standing for
the choice I made
in you