Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AI Round 2

Let me just start with this question:
what the hell does it really matter if Adam Lambert is gay? There are articles, websites, blogs, that seem disgustingly excited with uncovering the fact that Adam is not heterosexual. So the eff what? In case you ignorami (ignoramuses? I digress..) haven't noticed, he's incredibly talented, and his sexual orientation doesn't matter. Period. If anything, it gives him an extra flair and potentially bigger fanbase because he does know how to work both the women and the men. I'm included in that bunch...he's one handsome, talented dude.

It just massively bothers me that the media and society in general needs to "expose" something like this as if it's a dirty little secret. Guess what...he's proud of who he is so no one really gets a "way to go" prize for uncovering something that was never covered up to begin with. What do you jerks want: a Pullitzer??! If they spent as much energy and time on finding their brain cells and souls then maybe this world would be a better place.

Moving on.

I've seen some discussions about Scott MacIntyre recently that have concerned me. Because I don't watch actual TV anymore, I've been catching AI performances (only the ones I care about) on the AI website and YouTube. Scott usually does a first class performance, but apparently, some viewers are concerned that he's not being treated very well by the production team and the judges. I've heard accusations such as: the production team or the other contestants not warning Scott that he was wearing pink pants one night, and another time when he didn't get his pick of song because the others took advantage of his blindness and chose over him. (I'm cringing as we speak). I can't confirm or disprove those accusations, but their existence saddens me.

About the judges' treatment of Scott, I think that Simon and Randy are too harsh on Scott, but Kara and Paula are too soft. I feel like the women tiptoe around Scott because he's blind, and that is not acceptable. Having said that, Simon and Randy need to recognize Scott's talent and give him some frigging props. He is true to himself as an artist every week, and always pulls off a beautiful rendition of whatever song he chooses. Plus, he plays a mean piano to match his soothing vocals. How can you ask for more?

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