Sunday, March 22, 2009

Little girl--poem

Little Girl, I can only pray.
Little Girl, I've only words to say.
But what can this mean to a child's heart?
Except some blabbering fool-
where do I start?
Don't ever take a stranger's hand,
or trust your heart to danger.
Don't make the same mistakes I did,
or try to sell yourself for less-
I'm dying here as I watch those eyes,
resting so gently on this cruel world.
Little Girl, this fool is still singing
empty Pleas to maybe an empty Heaven.
But if your heart beats strongly enough for both of us,
let your faith in living pull you through.
And may your God rescue you from forsaken paths
and Darkness
and the nightmares
I've (mistakenly) learned to trust...
Little Girl, take this prayer from me.
Wrap it in some paper-lock it deep within your soul
so that no one can ever see-
you're the One that Night can't control-
you're just a little girl.
Take this prayer,
from Little Me.

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