Sunday, March 22, 2009


Sittting on the Sun
distracting rays attracting darkness
time's the Idol
you fall on bended [bleeding] knees
before it, wanting approval
you say you are important
"They" are the bane
the enemy, the unclean
this wreaks with contradiction
hipocrysy--my bane
principles, not people
but I'm not perfect
and you certainly are not
can't you see the blood?
Yours from those damned knees?
From the days of worship
to whom you call "God"
but you're calling false idols
it's Time again
you're bleeding for a moment of glory
your claim to the physical modern-day Troy
that's lasted for millennia
hordes are crying
gunfire drowning them
along with their tears
salt water stinging your wounds
listen, listen
for God's sake, open your soul
let your "bane" go home
or at least see the Sun
the one you're keeping
while citizens of reality
wither die life fades
night invades
let them go home
including your warriors
for they deserve salvation [freedom]
or let me question you
as to what home remains
and when you say you are a united people
you crave for unanimity
yet you divide and dissect
the irony lies in the emerging fact
that you and your rivals are all human
you live on the same Earth
you breathe mutual air
you all bleed red
and your tears can drown each other
until nothing remains but this empty land
for if you murder your enemies
their supporters will avenge it
you reflect each other
you're the same, the same
you're united
isn't that what you wanted?
Now tell me true
tell me now
that you're the better person
and that you're so different
that you deserve others' blood
just so you can block the Sun
while worshipping nothing
but death

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