Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Waking--poem

Into the throes of sleep
where nightmares wait
and shackles burn, craving to scald the tissue
while carving your mark on my wrists
I still taste your name on my tongue
savouring its novelty
then comes the bitterness siphoning my consciousness
‘till the blood thins,‘till I become this,
a Wraith or Fading Creature sucking on Hope
with ensuing gasps-
an attempt to maintain the legendary strength,
that once coursed through these veins
tirelessly, but now you see there’s poison lurking here-
with every word I scribe
you vanish from my eyes-
why you remain in my dreams, my nightmares
distresses composure-
what I have left to count on, is Waking disappointment
and the Revelation that I helped create these scars-
as though each fault, I bestowed on the world
won retribution by gnawing a brand
into my frame-I’m imprisoned here,
the invisible walls, encasing guilt, caging the Anger-
the noose of Reason tightens, darkness floods my Sight-
eerie Peace thunders in-
I wake with memories of You, turning your back,
andWalking away,
far, far,
from Desire’s Grave

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