Sunday, March 22, 2009

Correcting Pronouns --poem

I'm not sure why...
I could take a guess...
I could hypothesize
and theorize-
but it's not all about me,
about "I"-
you're in it-
you are it.
Whatever "it" is,
whoever you are-
you could be one of two…of three…
of them all-
but that's not quite true-
for when I dream the nightmares tease-
I see your face and feel your lips like it was yesterday.
Part of me curses while I shiver inside-
I never felt as warm and as frozen at the same time
like I did with you, in your arms.
Damn them, save them for someone,
who can put up with it all, who can put up with you.
I’m craving the new, whoever “new” may be.
I’ll know when it’s true, for the cold will vanish,
melt into a kiss that I’ll hold
till Time cuts in.
I’m your ghost of “what if’s”-
you’ll yearn what you missed.
I won’t try to prove what I’m worth,
what you lost-
when you dropped me on the ground
with all your trash, and you walked away,
as if hurting me was as simple as dropping the needle
after a quick, somewhat satisfying Hit.
But wait-I’ve guessed-Hypothesized-Theorized-The irony-
I’ve proved my worth-
I’m more than a drug,
I’m a bloody dream.
You were my vision until my eyes cleared
and all I saw was you forcing me down.
Look again-I’m not there.
I’m miles away, holding a change,
Creating a fire that could smoulder
my pain, your ways, for good.

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E! said...

I LOVE UR WORK dahlin! Very thought provoking and as always, makes me want more. Love the new home for your work.... keep'em comming...