Sunday, March 22, 2009

Original Sin--poem

You were born with it
(well, we both were.)
But your very skin emanates its glow.
Like amber honey, when I trace my fingertips
over your surface,
it covers, entraps me-
sticking one to the other.
I'm frozen for a moment
yet It is swallowed by
the rushing bliss that follows.
The crucial instant when quickened breath commences,
curiosity morphs into obsession.
The walls don't matter, my surroundings: redundant.
Logic screams for resistance-I laugh at its attempt.
All of my focus burns on your arms
holding me almost too tightly.
Skin and heat blur, into a mess of each other.
I inhale, you exhale, then switch,we fall-
Entwined in cotton, Silk, Satin,(whatever).
Chests heaving, blood pounding,
hypnotic heat shivers,
then a lull.
(a pause.)
My focus lessens.
Curiosity returns.
Will he stay, repeat, delete, or leave?
I know he indulged-
gave in, (damn)
like me.
The honey lingers on my fingertips, lips.
Curiosity turns bitter-guilt, doubt,
set in.
The Act, Dance, Fiasco, Affair
(see "mistake" for more)
is your Original Sin.
But what you don't realize,
(you never did, do not, will never)
is that you're mine.
You're Mine.

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