Monday, November 23, 2009

Candida Chronicles: Day 9

That's right...DAY 9!

I can't believe it, either.

That means I'm nearing the end of the death sentence portion of my AC diet. Starting Sunday, I incorporate all veggies, rice and potatoes back into my diet. I'm excited lol!

Things are going pretty body is still not at full capacity. I'm going to Zumba tonight, for the first time in a LONG time. Boxing, though, won't be attempted for another week or so (out of time's sake and because I'm still not my ass-kicking self yet body-wise). Finances is the only thing giving me hell....oh Christmas shopping and debt lol. What a bad pair....

I'm still on a high from seeing my holistic practitioner on Fri night. I feel like things are going to get much better. It'll take work, quite a bit of work, but I'll get there :). My lil' future is getting brighter and brighter.

As sick as this is, school is actually helping me. The massive workload isn't great, but my program and the people in it are just... wow. I love it all :).

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