Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Candida Chronicles: Day 11

I'm almost out of the woods. For the hard part, anyway. Something's still off with me, but it could be the fact that I still have a virus (that's what my HP told me on Fri, anyway). It could also be stress, lack of sleep (i.e. going to bed at 3:30am last night, and waking up at 6:30-7am for school), stress again... who knows. I'm not doing too badly, though, and tonight, I plan on getting some sleep!

I've also started to incorporate exercise back into my life. Zumba and TenMinuteTrainer vids have found their way into my week. i tried to do pushups early on, and am not that far off from where I was before I got sick now. I don't know what I"ll be able to do today, and may not do anything since I end tonight at almost 10pm.


It'll be nice to incorporate: rice, potatoes, some grains, all veggies, all fruit, back into my diet again. I may add soy milk, but not until the final week. There's too much sugar in the stuff you get at Starbucks and stores in general.

Another assignment has been knocked off my list, and another will be done tomorrow, too. This weekend's gonna be another assignment weekend. I have a relationship with papers these days.. We're going steady for sure. I should really be doing two of them this weekend, but we'll see how much gets done... lol

Well, cyberworld, hae a good Wednesday despite this icky rain.

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