Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Candida Chronicles: Day 3

We're gettin' there....3 down, 25 to go! Well...11 to go for this crazy version of the AC diet.

Woke up feeling like I needed to stay in bed (oh wait...that happens most mornings :P). Joking aside, my die-off symptoms are definitely there. Felt sick last night, and my energy went away in a snap. I went to bed far too late (damn papers), and am pretty tired today. The sun's out, though, and that makes things better :) (as corny as that may sound).

Late morning, I was feeling a bit better, but eating lunch made me feel sick. And now, I'm starting to feel a bit better, just really tired. I'm a yo-yo, my friends.

I want to work out so badly, but the tiredness, on and off nausea, and copious amounts of homework won't let me. I tried to do some pushups and squats today...didn't do many but I guess it's something?

I'll get there. I know I will. It's just another day...

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