Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Insufficiency - poem

There was a time…
do you remember those days
when waves and sunburns were our only concerns?

I felt like a Queen in your Utopian Kingdom-
someone important, to whom you gave

I didn’t need gifts, praise,
or recognition.

Your smiles made me richer
than any living ruler.

I didn’t need expense,
only your bear-hugs for warmth.

I swore that I could never feel cold again.

If ever a tear dared stain my cheek,
you would not only be a King,
but a great magician.

My pain, the salt tears would disappear
and sting my soul no more.

We approach the climax of this
insignificant fairy tale.

No monsters or heroes
dominate the scene.

I simply remember waking before the Sun
to embrace you and wish you a fulfilling day.

That you returned home
was a gift in itself.

Now comes the fall.

And an incomplete end.

When I think of you, the warmth is no more
than a dim glow-
Insatiating and maddening.

The fire is gone, my blanket ceases
to exist.

All I have, is the Earth's embrace,
as I lie here at your stone.
And the lingering breeze
caressing my face,
where your Loving hands once used
To roam.

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