Wednesday, April 01, 2009

attempt|tseuqer - poem

For a moment, then the beating
of my heart.
Like a symphony,
the strings of our words
harmonize with my heart's

my head begins to drop to my hands that hold it up-
trying to stay awake.

I hit my pillow, surprised.

Craving sleep.

Craving escape.

Dying, yet still reviving
the memories.

Piercing the stillness.

Thrashing, only inside
(outside would look pathetic).

Only to notice I'm clutching the cure.

Stifling-my love,
we can't breathe together.

Fighting for breath, fighting for release.

I tear my arms away, afraid you'll hate to be

But then again
you told me once it had been too long,
and you kissed me.
Held me.
Led me.

I've turned my back.

You'd have to reach out to get me to hold you again.
For I've let go-

Or at least I can say
I tried.

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