Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Embedded Tale - poem

if I put this moment to Words,
there’d be only so much
I could Scribe.

A Story or Song-both meagre-
and still, here’s the attempt
with a promise of an end
that would put the most Sumptuous
Reverie to a test.

the Look You gave me began the Tale,
foretold my reactions with each
Burning Stare.

You led my Hands and I think You’ll find,
my Skin’s most obedient to Flaming commands.

rising like Steam, my Palms trailed from
Your Sides, to Your Shoulders,
then Your Cheeks, to the Succulent place
where my Lips would soon find.

Winding like Bed Sheets,
Your Arms found my Back,
just after mine Embraced Your Neck.
Nuzzling in, above Your Collar,
(breathing in Enticement)
my Senses were

You Grounded me swiftly with the
Warmth of Your Kiss.
Twisting, Tangling, Pressure Increasing-
my Blood boiled Hotter;
my Vision was Star-Struck.

I dawned on the inkling that
the Climax approached-
Bracing my Fingertips for the Sweet, Scalding

there it was-
the Point of No Return-
the Plot at its thickest-
a Choice hit the forefront of my Creative

Rewrite or press on-then the Choice was

from my blind spot came Crashing,
a Surprise Ending as such:
my eyes opened,
i shivered,
pulled the blanket up tightly to where
Your Kisses
imprinted our Story-
Narrating my

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E! said...

what were you thinking of, or what emotions brought this to words?...