Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Too Bad -- poem

Don’t waste my energy-
even when you don’t mean to,
you wear me out.

Like this blanket draped
half on
half off my tired bed-

I’m splitting apart in
(more than)

Don’t worry, dear:
I’ve got the glue to adhere
and return to
the Balance that was.

I’m no fool and still
you’ve made me feel like
Apathy’s designer,
for everything from
Love to Lust
and back to Common Sense.

I’m not, but it doesn’t matter.

I won’t bitch
and complain,
I’ll just change like
I do so well.

No more rebellion,
I’m just going to be the Woman
I’m meant to be-
and with every step
I dish out,
the She you see
breathes the truth of this
Female’s Business.

I’m done with bull and shackles-
your repression sucks
so I’m laughing it off.

Here I am-
whether you take it
or not
I’m walking on,
smiling all the while.

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