Monday, May 25, 2009

The Danger of Silence - poem

I can’t stand it

I need the music, my thrumming heart
melding with the rhythms drumming out the beat
of this dizzying anthem of the night
the ode to the evenings when the sun sets
in your eyes and the dark pool lingers, inviting me in for a

if I swim for a hefty measure of intertwined moments,
in the enticement of your irises
your blood will usurp my audio space
flowing from veins to my vision, my vibrating sight
enveloping me in your bittersweet, velvety melody

I can’t stand it

your silence is maddening
it transforms the pool into Rorschach’s questions,
no longer the kaleidoscope of dangerous, oratory beauty
but blotches of fluorescent buzzing
and buzzing
inside my throbbing head

I can’t stand it

or stand at all when my balance is ravaged
by uneven tunes and eras of nothingness
where memories of your symphonies accompanied by
masterpieces of impressionist melodies
haunt the canvases of this room
where I lie, shiver, forcing words from my mouthpiece
and they land, on my visual field
as the inkblots of a lunatic

what do you see
in the waters swirling here
in the eyes of a damaged instrument?

I can’t stand it
so I don’t

without you dancing and singing your beauty into
my line of sight
without you painting my world with the kind of music that permits time to

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E! said...

speechless and breathless at the same time... i love the way ur words take form in the deep abyss of my mind....