Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Induced Familiarity--poem

Have we met before?

I can see the outline of
your strong frame
from the corner of
my eager eye.
I turn to face you,
like a tango spin;
locking my gaze onto

I can feel your arms
exploring my territory,
finding their place of Rest
‘round my shoulders.
I burrow my own
within the warmth
of your hoodie,
so they find your waist,
and your chest invites my cheek to
stay a while.

I can hear your Heart beating
like the Rhythm of
a sultry tune.
In my mind I review trying
to separate Memories from dreams of

Have we met before?

I can barely stand,
reeling from sweet
Your enticing eyes pierce me and
keep me transfixed,
while I run my fingers through
your dark tresses.

I can feel the pulse approach
a new Flavour.
Unsure of whose heart is pounding out this
intensely unpredictable
rock ‘n roll Spell.

I can tell you’re evaluating-
what dare I do next in this
You know me well, and predict
my answer before I even

The slightest incline in the corner of
your Lips sparks
the blaze.
I can hardly control
my breath and reason.

Your lips hold sway over
each reflex.
As the kiss deepens,
I can no longer tell if I’m standing or winding
in seas of warmth or sheets of silk.

Does it matter, really?

You whisper the reply into my ear,
forcing my blood to
every Extremity.

I knew it then, but now
I can not remember.

Have we met before?

Say yes so
the bridge will fall,
I’ll embrace reality and meld it
with bliss-

Haven’t we met?
Say yes so I have
to dream
no more.

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