Wednesday, April 14, 2010


In the sun I feel your warmth
in the darkness, your absence
I can’t seem to find happiness
in a medium of light

when it rains, my sins trickle far away
when it snows, my memories freeze
and torture
what sanity shivers within
when the wind blows through me
my soul goes with it—over the mountain tops
where we looked down on our highway to
and freedom to wander through time and back again
through all the landscapes that pull us on

With the changing of Your Season,
my skin shed the warmth
I got all too familiar with the rays from Above
reflected in your eyes

Dress me in your dreams
I’ll wear them with pride and don them for
the heavens

Dress me in your hopes
I’ll make them my armour
for I must now face Tomorrow
without you by my side

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi Ash, this was such a wonderful poem and its funny because when you read it, especially if you have felt that way for someone, you really understand it. Thanks for sharing all your poems and I am quite impressed! ~ Saleema