Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Looking In--speculation

I have braces.

They hurt sometimes,
My back's been hurting, too,
I've been eating badly,
I haven't worked out regularly for the last few weeks,
I jumped off the P90X bandwagon and am finding it hard to jump back on,
I haven't been getting enough sleep,
I still have to clean the chaos that is my room,
I'm dangerously low on cash,
I'm on the outside looking in...

At a life where I have a family,
My sister loves me a lot,
My mom's the strongest woman I know,
I have friends who care,
A shirt on my back,
Pants, too, 'cause pants are good,
comfy shoes,
The ability to run, work out, and dance,
Glasses so I can see,
Contacts for when I want to see less but look different,
Invisalign so my smile will look better someday soon...

I have braces.

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