Thursday, May 23, 2013

twin flames--poem

do you remember how
your smile ignited her
and she would burn
spreading to blushing cheeks of hungry ones

she challenged them to control her flames
and they would burn for her

no matter how dangerous,
she would wave the red banner
and they would run
to burn with her, and burn through her

until she became small and ashen
and while still waving the red,
they would blow her away, ash by ash

she became lost on the very plains
she used to ignite

she retreated from fatal pursuits, collecting her ashes to
reconstruct a visage of cunning vitality,
frozen in a mask of confidence,
frozen in a mask resembling only you

then, naught more than a matchstick in waiting,
no more ones--only One--came along
He blasted open the tomb she created
and you and she were no longer two

we burned again, but with another,
with the only One who will matter
but somewhere in the flames we lost
the knowledge of how to kindle our flame

when He can see our eternal fire--
ignite it, harness it, and keep it safe,
why can't we do the same?
why can't we use what He sees
and melt she and you into "me"?

do you remember His mercy in breaking us free,
when He and I became We,
lighting each other, igniting each other
two flames burning as One?

1 comment:

Brig said...

I can literally feel, see, and hear the flames off of this one...absolutely amazing. I can so clearly see how bright the two that make up the "we" are, both melting together perfectly, creating the most dazzling and overwhelming light in each other and in everyone around them. Kind of reminds me of a certain couple I know actually;) I love you sister...thank you for always burning so brightly, lighting up my life.