Thursday, November 25, 2010


There are days
when I’ve got wings sending me here and there,
all the while gliding above the dirt I see below

There are days
when I’m covered in the mud I allegedly created and
drag my companions through the mire and guck

There are days
when I make the choice to establish
protection to veil the war I’m trying to

On those days,
They are just as likely to
quiet Their tunnel vision, set to full-speed on my faults
as They are to load all arsenal
and blame their way into my blood

There are days
when I believe my accusers
there are days
when I believe in the power of
stubborn protection and the risk in
tough love

and then there are those days
when I get stuck in the quicksand
and I don’t know if it was me or
that put me there


Brig said...

Yet again, you have brought tears to my eyes...just absolutely amazing. You know those wings that you feel on certain days that glide you above all the crap?? Well, just fyi, you always have those angel...its just impossible for you to feel them sometimes, because you very quickly become that solid log that people grab onto when they are drowning in quicksand, and you then feel like you are right there with them...I promise you, if ever you feel like you are stuck in the mud, its because of all the dirt and shit that is being piled on top of you. I love you so much. Just know that you are never alone in that mud, you will never drown, and that those wings are always there, bright and dazzling...I know for a fact because for the past twelve years, you have carried me through everything with them (they're pretty fun to ride on:D) So thank you for always catching me when I'm falling...I promise, I'll never let you sink.

McScott said...
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McScott said...

It's great when inspiration to write strikes you in the oddest of places, isn't it? :P

Thanks for sharing this. While I wish you didn't feel stuck sometimes, it was nice to see these things from another perspective.

You know what they say about surviving quicksand? The same thing Fat Joe says:

Lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.

Oh, and pull up your pants. He says that too. ;)

PS: These comments need an edit button, I had to delete the last one because of 2 spelling mistakes. Pfft.