Thursday, September 30, 2010

Horror Movie--poem

There are shards in my eyes from watching the past
the movie’s not the best but it likes to play
I can’t tell if the glass still rests
or if scars replaced the spaces where
windows of innocence broke,
exploded, embedded in my lens
I try to watch the future
with this speckled movie screen
but darkness stains the sun
trying to purify my tomorrow’s
the water’s coming in—it’s just the
tide of my tears—
they’ll drain away soon
but until then
they flood and erase the
infection of the shards
so I can’t tell they’re there
for an intermission sublime
are they scars? are they shards?
for I’m only seeing black
and not bleeding from the
wreckage in my past’s climax
where’s the end—the finale?
This can’t be a saga
or I’ll go blind from finding
to make the screen blank.

1 comment:

Brig said...

Holy cow....I absolutely love love LOVE literally gave me the chills! So very intense....just even the word choice. poignant! This one definitely hit me best friend. Just beautiful...very dark, very intense, and yet, as always, you made it somehow moving. I love it...and I love you! <3 <3 <3