Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Candida Chronicles: Day 23 ish

I'm almost there....Sunday is my last day. I've been a bit bad with having soy milk and NSA chocolate (without dairy in it, though).

I'm a bit (ok more than a bit) peeved that I'm not feeling well yet. I have my good days, but I have a feeling my lack of sleep and some other complications are still plaguing me. Do I still have a virus? Is itin fact still candida bugging me?


Anywho. I also need to get my body back to what it was. I used to be strong, have great endurance...now I feel like a huffer and puffer when I workout. It'll change. I'm determined.

Things WILL get better.

I need to post more poetry on here. I was on roll there :).

Peace out, world.

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